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Artist Statement / About the artist


Jackie Hernandez was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She received her Bachelors of Arts in 2013 and is currently involved on the career path of art education. Her work has been exhibited throughout New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia, Pa. 

   She believes art is a never-ending learning process. Artists collect experience through their life in comprehending their relationship with their chosen medium. As an artist, She believes intricateness is the most essential fragment in a creation.

"As the details compute in my mind I trust my hands to physically make the establishments of those details. The thoughts of the details of my artwork don't occur overnight, it occurs within being part of the experience of the self".

As a first-generation Salvadoran American, she has always questioned the diaspora of her Salvadoran culture and being a Latina. Her inspiration in her artwork leads from this, which she includes Latinx inspired symbolism into her sculptures and paintings. She believes what drove her into becoming an artist was learning about her family background. Her grandfather was a guitarist and a photographer and her grand uncle was an artist in El Salvador. She began drawing at the age of eight. 

"Since I was a child, my mind has always been filled with endless imagination. I am a painter, sculptor, and an aspiring art educator. I always believe that art is a never-ending journey of experience and learning."

Awards and Recognition:

Hispanic Heritage Month-City Hall of Jersey

City-Certificate of Recognition by the Mayor Fulop

Friends of Art and Music Scholarship of NJCU.

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